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I am not expecting another M but I am craving for warmer days, adventures, company, etc…

Warmer days, yes, like everyone I wish summer is back again with less rain. For my first year in London, it really is a downer for myself and my photography project. But that’s just a small disappointment.

Every new beginning is an adventure. It is for me, everyday, unless of course I get stuck in front of the computer Flickring or doing something else… I missed my friends the good and the naughties – they made life (very) interesting. I refuse to admit that “interesting” life is behind me because I now have my children and a husband. I should say he (hubby) agrees with me. It is not because you have a family that you should lead a boring routine of a life. A family is interesting as well, you discover new things and share experiences, it just eat most of your space. There are loads of challenges but you learn to cope and find ways around every difficulty and every situation. Being the best parent and wife does not mean I should be with them ALL the time, because I also need time for me to do as I wish. At the moment, I just need to be on familiar ground – where I feel at home and not adjusting to new situations. Good thing is, I will be able to”get away” even for a couple of days.

I had fun today (or should i say yesterday? it is 1.38AM) because my eldest agreed to have his photo taken on our way home 🙂 and I lost the bed under all the party and wedding dresses I dug out. Next time I do it, I’ll wear some to see if it still fit and take photos coz I like to do it 🙂

Also, I’ve finally finished my pattern for a moo card holder (going to make one very soon – pinch me if i don’t in two days).

I think I should continue my grumbling sometime for I have a market to discover early tomorrow and yes, I will sure complain about the cold even if it will be sunny with lots of photo opportunities!