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I’ve embarked in a personal challenge – joining the 365 days bandwagon. I must take one photo of me a day – doing that, I can imagine you knowing all the scars, curves and hollows on my body, I must be really bored 😦 I do not know if later on, I will have the patience to finish it or how long — yeah, start betting :)!

Finally appointments are done this week and even had the courage to call a company to ask if they are hiring and got a call back from CEO asking for CV. I know I am good for the job, the problem is – the office is too far away. Oh well, I hope they are fine with me working from home. That means that since I like doing something I should be spending more time working than everything else (except family). I’ve also started looking around for information about setting up a company. I can see my husband’s knee already shaking with the idea of me being self employed.

I got to know a neighbour today who lives just a street from where I live. It is good to know that I am not the only flickr addict in the area. Her hubby is a happy snapper but looking at his photostream – not only a happy snapper but a good one! Another neighbour from my street had problems regarding the construction work on their house. It is not wise to hire cheap builders you aren’t sure can finish the job. A sound advice if you allow me… If you’re gonna hire people to fix/ extend your house, get the locals with good reputation. They maybe more expensive at least the police will not haul them up because they do not have the right to work in the UK. I am sure not all construction workers charge too much or are lazy. There must be several honest people in your area.

Tomorrow, is the festival of Light at the V&A, I think I should have a look. Anyway, if I don’t like it, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum are closeby. These two have never disappointed me. I love visiting museums – some may be boring but it always makes me happy.

I mentionned to my mother-in law the movie “Elizabeth, the golden age”, oohh she didn’t want to hear anything about it. She’s very good with history, most especiallyBritish history and itreally annoyed her that court behaviour shown in the movie is absolutely not of the era. The Queen is an “etre apart” she said and forms of respect in those days is not what’s shown in the movie. Personally, I like the movie. I love watching movies where women shows a bit of toughness, independence and spirit.

I have for several weeks already not talked to my own mother. A slight misunderstanding but I don’t have the courage to face this bit yet. Annoying really, I am very capable of shouting back at other people but a simple talk to my mother is difficult. Ma, if you reading this, all I can say is I’ve done my best – understand and don’t force me please.

I think i’ve commented on so many photos this week than other weeks previously. I should do somethinguseful with my time aside from flickring. *Sigh*

Morale is ebbing to the low today also – must be my headache or my lack of sleep or the fact that i think 24hours about the new designs I want to make for next years’ handigift collection. I thinkI should go for now, I have family photos to take tomorrow…