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I’ve just heard news from family that our area was hit by a mini-tidal wave yesterday. Several houses were wrecked, kitchen broken from main buildings, etc. I am glad our village only had damaged properties which we can repair, other towns along the coast however have casualties and that is tragic.

My family are safe at the moment and they are going to keep watch of the sea because tonight the tide is high and huge waves are threatening to ruin our old house. My relatives and neighbours are watching out too, since half their houses are gone already. One of my cousin’s house was complete washed away – fortunately, they weren’t home then…

In nine days, the town will celebrate it’s Fiesta but I don’t think it will be extravagant considering the expenses to put things to right. Hopefully on Saturday, I’ll sell most of my crafts so that I can send some help to them.

My mother just posted some photos of the damage…

Fisherman’s house beside my parents. They finished building their kitchen on September, now it’s gone.

Nanay Auring, my uncle’s widow lived here, her kitchen and dining room was washed away. That is half the house off.

Mum’s old kitchen which is used as back-up during festivities where huge volumes of food is cooked. This bit normally houses her pigs. Fortunately she stopped this year.

On that empty space was my distant cousin’s house. It got carried away by the wave. Tonight, these remaining houses are in danger as well without the extra rock filling, the tide can easily reach them…

My cousin’s kitchen is gone.

That’s the house of my other cousin – a total wreck.

My cousins are just fishermen. They will rebuild their homes mostly by re-using what was broken. My mother have only the fence and the extension to fix. I must think on how to make their Fiesta and Christmas bearable…

Mum’s photos on Flickr