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I’ve been buying Swatch watches since I am allowed to buy my stuff (early teens). I still have some of my old ones around, I can’t seem to part from them 🙂 I think I’ll get me some batteries for them. Love all the funny/cheeky Swatch watches I received as well.

My all time fave is the Swatch Irony Medium Ciel Clair which is what I have at the moment and mine have a broken glass. :(( It went through a lot of bashing, swimming and a lot more rough handling and it is still ticking. Even if I love my watch to bits (it rarely left my wrist), I think it is time to scrub it clean and polish it so it can rest in its case. Am currently eyeing the Irony Chronos Collection and the Wheeling, Free Chain and Wealthy Star models looks pretty. There is also the Irony Medium Ciel Clair Violet which is nice but.. I already have pink! So that will stay as a maybe 😉

Just checked on London Swatch Kiosks and I think I might pop in there soon…. If you’re into pretty, good quality and affordable watches, then I highly recommend them. They have a lot of models to choose from (I’m an Irony girl ;)).

Swatch EU website 

Swatch Kiosk
Victoria Station
SW1V 1JU London

Swatch Kiosk
Kings Cross Station, Main Station concourse, Euston Road
N1 9AP London

Swatch Kiosk
Liverpool Street Station,
EC2M 7QA London

Swatch Kiosk
Unit M3, Euston Station
NW1 2RT London

Swatch Store Covent Garden
104-106 Long Acre
WC2E 9NR London

Swatch Store
313 Oxford Street
W1R 1LA London

Anstee House, Wood Street
Surrey, KT1 1TS London

87-135 Brompton Road, 5th floor
Knightsbridge, SW1X 7XL London