I think I am half deaf today after spending almost all day mixing music. I made 30 pieces and like only half of them. So spent another part of the day listening, editing, naming and stuff. Sample CD is burnt to see how it sounds in the living room with the big speakers. I also took note of things to fix, adjust and add so the next versions of my music will be even better.

Anyway – I am not sure others will like these but it’s the thought that counts right?

Today I’ve done all the cards for family, made snowmen using M2’s empty milk bottle, shop for presents, organize dinners and Christmas menus.

I have to do something about what I am going to wear for Friday night, the little dress is too little protection for frosty night. So I have my nice corset instead. I’ve never worn it on any outing šŸ™‚ after it was made for me. I imagine, it will still be smart and sexy šŸ˜‰

Why am I shouting??? there must be something wrong with my ears….. grrrr sorry guys and gals who called (Am usually as quiet as a mouse —– NOT).