Ten months ago, I moved to London with the family. Not knowing a soul out of the family circuit, leaving all those friends I cherish, annoy and etc (rest of nasty things you can do to a friend/and not) behind.

I organised my first meet-up through the London Flickr Meetup group. This was in Kew Gardens in February 2007.
There I met for the first time, Joe, Simon, Anna, Daren, Jodi and Toby. I had lots of fun and I know by then that I am hooked to meet-ups 🙂

Well, 10 months later, I still hang around with the troop (with more new friends added) as my husband calls the group.

Anna is fun and very outgoing, I like her ability to fit in with groups of people with completely different personalities. Joe is a very nice person, easygoing, kind, very helpful and a great laugh -I always end up with belly aches when he is around and my M1 loves him! Simon is a complete opposite 😛 (I know writing this will put me in trouble). Anyway, he is very nice albeit on the grumpy side. Loves time off work, loves to complain and loves a lover’s quarrel with Joe. Very traditional and conservative, he just want to be left alone. But that I believe is what drives us girls in the group to poke and prod him! He is also worse than my brother in law when it comes to answering the phone, it really grates my nasty side when I can’t contact anyone. More so when I have valid reasons (even annoying others is valid enough – an excuse to know if they are well)

So 10 months on, more flickrmeets and friends later, Joe and Simon are still together. No, not in that way 😉 they are the bestest of friends and I am glad I met and got to know them (even if Joe still try to tell me Nikon camera is the best camera in the world).

Thank you for being the bestest of friends (I know you don’t agree Simon). Have a Happy Christmas and I hope to see you for some more Flickr meets and studio shoots.

Lovely Christmas also to Anna, Rachele, Nath, Jane, Jess, Andrew, Billy, Esther, Noj and to others I only know by Flickr name 😀