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Last minute shopping is a very horrible experience unless you walk towards the store. There were long lines of cars on the parking area of shops like Waitrose and Sainsburys, all waiting for a place to park. Anyway, I was initially looking for a nice small turkey but with the current prices and the fact that there will be only my son, daughter and myself who will eat it since hubby is a vegetarian, I decided to get a reasonably sized chicken.

Below are planned menus for Christmas Eve (dinner) and Christmas day lunch and dinner.

Christmas Eve dinner:

Garlic mushroom on toast
Fresh baby leaf salad
Roast pork with fruit sauce
Lemon cake

Christmas day lunch:

Fine egg noodles with veggie mince
Fajitas trio (chicken, pork and shrimps)
Pineapple flan

Christmas dinner:

Chicken with honey-lemon glaze
Roasted vegetables
Christmas pudding

Boxing day dinner:

Roast pork with fruit sauce
White rice
Vegetarian quarter pounder
Pudding topped with vanilla ice cream

Happy Christmas!
(planned menu still subject to change)