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Amaryllis Hippeastrum
Anne’s bulb planted weeks before mine is now blooming.

One of my Christmas presents (from my son) was an Amaryllis kit which you can find in supermarkets. I planted my bulb a few weeks back and now it has a huge stem with a bud. I am blogging this so I can get rid of the box which will go to the recycle bin and so I can refer to this post on how to care for my Christmas present. I do not like treating plants as disposable “ornaments”… It is rewarding to find your plant blooming under your care.

*From the box*

Growing instructions: Please plant your bulb in the pot and surround with compost. Make sure that the tops of the bulb remains visible. Place the pot is a bright position at normal room temperature (20-25 degrees C).

Water weekly, making sure to water the compost and not the top of the bulb. Keep moist, but do not over water. The flowers will be in full bloom in about 8 weeks. Turn the pot occassionally as the stems will grow towards the light.

After Flowering: After flowering, remove the stems and allow the leaves to grow. Use plant food each month. In October, cut off all remaining green material, remove from the pot and keep in a dry place (about 15 degrees C) for approximately two months. Replant after two months as above using a multi-purpose compost.


– harmful if eaten
– maybe skin irritant
– use a protective mat