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I think I lost my feminine look when we moved to London where everything is grey… a lot of my clothes were tuck away as it seems not suitable for the place and most specially the weather. Now that spring and summer is approaching, I should catch up and create an incentive to lose a bit more weight by getting myself to dress better. I am fed up of jeans and t-shirts (short or long sleeves).. even my boyish shorts looks very appealing with my pink top 😮

I do not have money to buy all this new so I am going to have to be creative. I know (just about) which clothes will make me look good (and feel good) and which are big No Nos.  The difficult part will be the shoes and sandals,  either you are lucky to find something  good at thrift stores and markets or you’ll have to buy them from a department store. This year I am more inclined to vintage and straight and simple cuts. Also, simple prints or solic colours. My wardrobe mostly have black, white and pink so I guess I should try to be more adventurous and try out new colours.

So this summer.. my aim is to look more feminine – and I do not care if if does not look right carrying my huge and heavy camera bag.