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First, I thank you all for your birthday greetings, gifts, flowers, wishes, cards, hugs and poke. I wish I could’ve organised a party for us to get together. Maybe next year, who knows, I might be able to afford a big one! 😀

May really started out to be a very busy time with all the photography sessions to do, which I am enjoying immensely, plus all the books to read (yup, about photography), monsters to chase and photos to edit… *sigh* I miss just wandering out and about with the lot of suspicious photographers 😉 carrying big cameras in London. Anyways, I am really looking forward to a nocturnal adventure in Paris. With 30+ people who are coming, there is no reason to be scared.

Also, i’ve started researching on the next nightly flights for the London photographers… only a few know the next stop but this should be a very interesting one. I hope you look forward to it as well.

I’ve recently received booking for a wedding and I am really excited about it!

My garden is looking better than winter and even better than last year’s wet summer. The grass are taking root, another bunch of potatoes are growing nice and healthy plus the mint, parsely, tomatoes, onions, garlic, sage and rosemary. I know, I know… there is something called the grocers but I do enjoy gardening and being able to provide food grown in my little garden is really nice.

My website (www.gsnowdon.com) will undergo another update very soon showing my hubby’s java skills. All the nightouts I’ve allowed him to is paying off 😀 — a worthy investment ! As I’ve posted earlier, it will hopefully become an All-in-One site where my portfolio can be seen, information easility edited, proofinf with online-ordering and so on. .. The more we get to the completed site, the more impatient I become. grrr