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It is this time of the year when you see lots of flowers and take gazillions of flower photos. Well, I did try not to do that as I am economising on disk space. I do not want my external drives to fill up fast and not have enough space to store the important photos — those that sell 🙂

I love it when its sunny but when it rains, it is just grrrr – I can see my garden’s enemies crawling towards my precious plants in hope to devour their healthy leaves. I still couldn’t get over my witnessing them eating my primroses last year… yuck. The worse thing is, I can’t put anything (slug and killers) in the garden yet, as I will be hosting a birthday party and will be releasing children out in the garden.

Anyways, I will post a photo of my garden soon… my organic vegetable patch. Can you believe just a small area in your garden can produce a couple of kilos of potatoes?  Well, I did say in my previous post that I planted other plants as well.

— waiting for the sun —