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I am fond of fiction, paranormal and sagas. Autobigraphies are of no interest to me, especially the contemporary ones. Bookwise, my husband knows that if the story is about a woman of strong character, I might be interested. Does not happen often however. Like, when I saw D. Gemmel’s White Wolf, I was instantly attracted .. so bought the whole series (I think).  Also, when I check something out, I always, look at the last pages. if I cannot form the image in my mind, then I will be bored with it or I won’t understand it.

I have a lot of other books I bought between 4-10 years ago which when scanned were not recognised so I leave those out of the list. I still re-read some of them, others are almost completely forgotten. And there is a series which a friend considers my “filthy reading” which I did not add here. I am not shy about them, I am considering some of my “younger readers.

Voice of the Gods Age of the Five ISBN 9781841493886

The High Lord Black Magician Trilogy ISBN 9781905654093

The Magicians Guild by Trudi Canavan

The Novice by Trudi Canavan

Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe Lewis, CS 9780007202287

Lord Of The Rings Tolkien, JRR 9780261103252

Harry Potter The Sorcerer s Stone Paperback Book

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by JK Rowling

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Rowling, JK 9780747551003

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Rowling, JK 9780747581109

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Book 7 Adult Edition ISBN 9780747591061

White Wolf Gemmell, David 9780552146777

Stormrider Gemmell, David 9780552146760

Midnight Falcon Gemmell, David 9780552142571

Swords Of Night And Day Gemmell, David 9780552146784

Waylander II David Gemmell 9781857235814 Book

Hero In The Shadows Gemmell, David 9780552146746

Waylander David Gemmell 9781857236217 Book

The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend by David Gemmell

The King Beyond the Gate David Gemmell 9781857236651 Book

Quest for Lost Heroes David Gemmell 9781857236712 Book

Sword In The Storm Gemmell, David 9780552142564

Ravenheart Gemmell, David 9780552146753

Last Sword of Power David Gemmell 9781857237979 Book

The Hawk Eternal David Gemmell 9781857238525 Book

Knights of Dark Renown David Gemmell 9781857236330 Book

Ironhand s Daughter David Gemmell 9781857238518 Book

Legend Of Deathwalker Gemmell, David 9780552150811

Dark Moon Gemmell, David 9780552142533

Ghost King David Gemmell 9781857236422 Book

Winter Warriors Gemmell, David 9780552142540

Morningstar David Gemmell 9781857237856 Book

Wolf in Shadow David Gemmell 9781857237887 Book

When Darkness Falls by M. Lackey

To Light a Candle by James Mallory

Hobbit Tolkien, JRR 9780261102217

Sorcery Rising Bk.1 Of Fools Gold Fisher, Jude 9780743440400

Wild Magic Fisher, Jude 9780743440417

Dragonmaster by Chris Bunch

Eragon Paolini, Christopher 9780552552097

Eldest Christopher Paolini 9780385607902 Book

Brisingr Paolini, Christopher 9780385607919

Keeper of the Heart by Johanna Lindsey

Clicking Her Heels

If You Could See Me Now

Career Girls

The Devil You Know Louise Bagshawe 9780752849843 Book

Everyone Worth Knowing Weisberger, Lauren 9780007182657

Chasing Harry Winston Weisberger, Lauren 9780007262717

Practically Perfect Fforde, Katie 9780099472377

Tuesday s Child

A Loving Scoundrel Johanna Lindsey

Gift Ahern, Cecelia 9780007296583

One with the Shadows

Demon s Hunger

Passages by Connie Willis paper copyright 2001

Darkest Night HQN

The Darkest Whisper Bk. 4 Lords of the Underworld Series MIRA S.

Book Return To Mars Ben Bova

Heart Of The Sea Roberts, Nora 9780749937379

Jewels Of The Sun Roberts, Nora 9780749937331

Man To Call My Own

No Choice But Seduction Lindsey, Johanna 9780552156325

Other Boleyn Girl Gregory, Philippa 9780006514008

Longitude Dava Sobel 9781857025712 Book

The Love Poems of Rumi by Deepak Chopra

Jacob s Room by Virginia Woolf

Short History Of A Prince Hamilton, Jane 9780552998017

Short Stories Paperback

When the Emperor Was Divine

Blue Smoke Roberts, Nora 9780749936662

Red Lily Roberts, Nora 9780749936143

The MacGregors Alan and Grant WITH All the Possibilities AND One Man s Art

Completely Unexpected Tales Dahl, Roald 9780140098204

The MacGregors Serena and Caine

The Villa Nora Roberts 9780749932664 Book

Blue Dahlia Roberts, Nora 9780749935337

Queen Of The Big Time Trigiani, Adriana 9780743462273

Playing Easy to Get by Jaid Black

Labyrinth Mosse, Kate 9780752877327

Gods Behaving Badly Phillips, Marie 9780099513025

Edge of Danger A Novel

Edge of Darkness by Cherry Adair

Darkness Everlasting Ivy, Alexandra 9780821779392

Embrace The Darkness Ivy, Alexandra 9780821779378

Not That Sort of Girl

Flesh and Stone Berkley Sensation

Doomsday Conspiracy Sheldon, Sidney 9780006472087

Tell Me Your Dreams Sheldon, Sidney 9780006512240

Best Laid Plans Sheldon, Sidney 9780006510550

King Of Torts Grisham, John 9780099416173

The Street Lawyer John Grisham 9780099244929 Book

The Darkest Pleasure HQN

The Vampire s Bride by Gena Showalter

Dragonflight Mccaffrey, Anne 9780552084536

Digging To America Tyler, Anne 9780099499398

Bloodline Sheldon, Sidney 9780006175018

Dark Thirst Reinke, Sara 9781420100532

Body Surfing Shreve, Anita 9780349119014

Red Lily Roberts, Nora 9780749936143

The Little Pretender Romantic Times Classics

The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter


Dark Desires After Dusk

The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter

No Rest for the Wicked

Wicked Deeds On A Winter s Night

Kiss of a Demon King

A Hunger Like No Other

Dark Needs at Night s Edge

Warlock Smith, Wilbur 9780333761342

One Night With A Prince Jeffries, Sabrina 9780743477727

Paperback Book Bantam List Price 6.99

In The Prince s Bed Jeffries, Sabrina 9780743477703

Seduction in Mind by Susan Johnson

When Someone Loves You by Susan Johnson

Again and Again Brava

Harper Choice Fiction Book PB 5 Digit Extention

Magic Lost, Trouble Found by Lisa Shearin

Cast in Shadow by Michelle Sagara

Other Queen Gregory, Philippa 9780007190348

9781904233916 Eclipse. Stephenie Meyer.vampire Romance.

9781904233886 Moon. Stephenie Meyer.vampire.

Outlaw by Susan Johnson

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Poison Study Snyder, Maria V. 9780778301929

Magic Study Snyder, Maria V. 9780778302438

Fire Study Snyder, Maria V. 9780778302650

Tales Of Beedle The Bard Rowling, JK 9780747599876

A Painted House John Grisham 9780712670395 Book

The Last Juror

The Broker by John Grisham

The Accidental American Tony Blair and the Presidency

Water Horse Gregson, Julia 9781409102656

Pillow Talk North, Freya 9780007245925

Under A Blood Red Sky Furnivall, Kate 9780751540444

Three Complete Novels of Courtly Love The Prude and the Prodigal Lies for Love From Hate to Love

Three Novels of Earls and Their Ladies

Three Complete Novels of Marquises and Their Ladies Three Complete Novels of Marquises and Their Ladies Ola and the Sea Wolf, Looking for Love, the Call of the Highlands

Three Complete Novels of Dukes and Their Ladies The Disgraceful Duke Never Laugh at Love A Touch of Love

Three Complete Novels of Royalty and Romance A Witch s Spell A Song of Love Revenge of the Heart

Birds Without Wings De Bernieres, Louis 9780099478980

Blue Smoke Roberts, Nora 9780749936662

The MacGregors Serena and Caine

The MacGregors Alan and Grant WITH All the Possibilities AND One Man s Art

The Villa Nora Roberts 9780749932664 Book

Blue Dahlia Roberts, Nora 9780749935337

City of the Beasts