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Private dining

The hubby made it a point to drag me along to this private dinner hosted by Peer 1 hosting (http://www.peer1hosting.co.uk) so I am out of the house and eyes off the computer screen. It wasn’t hard as I’m always curious about what different restaurants have to offer. Even a pile of editing jobs is not a good reason enough to stay at home.

So last night, we arranged for Grandma to keep an eye on the kids for the evening and headed of to Quo Vadis. Quo Vadis (http://www.quovadissoho.co.uk/) is located on Dean Street and is easily accessible from Tottenham Court Road tube station. Our host Terry says Quo Vadis is his office and I can’t blame him holding business meetings in such a venue – informal yet impressive is great as it builds relationships and breaks the ice. Plus you get business done (part of anyway) while enjoying a meal.

So onto the dinner: we had Pumpkin soup with goat cheese curd to start followed by cod with Jerusalem artichokes and Spinach and lastly the sweet course, my favourite creme brulee.

All I can say that the soup was divine, veloute and the soup makes the goat cheese taste good! The cod (seen below) is good too, a small push of the knife and the layers are separated. I like how the cream gives it flavour without being too obvious, just wonderful! And the Tonkan creme brulee with pear was very good. Served unlike most restaurants, it looks like it’s a large serving. Don’t be fooled! It is about the same as the regular size ramekins (maybe a tad more but not too much). Anyway, the top is torched just right, crisp enough that you enjoy the sound of your spoon breaking the surface. The creme is subtle, a perfect balance to the caramelised sugar on top.

The only thing that did not add up was the white wine. It is the same one I use when I am cooking and which I find in Sainsbury’s, a nice sparkling wine it is too.

Conversations is not strictly business so here’s what I know…

Our host, Terry, founded another hosting provider (rackspace) which has now grown into a huge corporation and when he was given another opportunity to do so again he founded Peer1 Hosting UK. It is young but considering that the other company became one of the market leaders in professional hosting, you’ll know that Peer 1 Hosting will somehow be as good and as reliable.

Cod with Jerusalem Artichoke and Spinach

Tonka Creme Brulee with Pear

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