Well, since last Christmas, we have experienced a lot of things.. Life changing experiences I should say.

On Christmas eve of 2010, my dear mother in law passed away. This was followed by my father in June, my auntie in August and an uncle this month. I think that’s one of the disadvantages of having a huge family. One day, those of the same generation will go, one following the other.

So those were mostly the sad times and considering the size of my family there will be some more sad times in a year or two. But I hope not sooner.

For the ups, well, we can finally call ourselves homeowners. I’d never thought it’d be in London but hey, I am not complaining 🙂

Currently, it is being refurbished so the family can live comfortably. The ground-floor will be tiled by tomorrow and upstairs will be carpeted on wednesday. I hope the kitchen splash-back will be finished tomorrow as well as I am itching to paint the kitchen.

As for furnishings, we will make what we have work for a while longer. At least to give us a breather and save up for the furniture we really want.

I’ve lived around boxes for a long time now and I will be really happy not to see one in a long time.

My other half will also start his new job next week. As for me, I’ve decided to mostly concentrate on portraiture. Of course, I will still take on wedding photography commissions but not one after another. Several portrait projects have been lined up in January 2012 as I really cannot take on a lot of jobs this year due to our moving.

One exciting thing happening this week though is my upcoming talk in Brighton for BlogCamp. Wish me luck on this and I do hope what I’ve prepared will help parent bloggers to improve their pictures.

Anyway, that is for now. Although I must say that some before and during photos of our home improvement project in on my other blog www.gsnowdon.com/blog I will post the before and after here later with pictures of course!

Thanks for looking!