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Last night, I was practicing my presentation for the Brighton BlogCamp when a distracting thought popped it’s ugly head. I could not concentrate so I might as well give up. Our house is being renovated and it is a couple of weeks late now as the electrician only shows up in the evening (nope he is not a vampire even with his arresting eyes). My husband told me this morning that he waited for the electrician to finish last night so he can lock up, and that guy finished at midnight!

Anyway, that distracting thought I mentioned earlier? Well, it is this… “Why do I want to keep on checking on BHG.com website when there is Maison Francaise/Cote Maison magazine whose featured styles are better suited to what I was looking for?” Yup that is a long question but that spurred me to search for their website which I found and love by the way. I also like House to home website.

This is my kitchen now, photographed using a fisheye lens adapter. The tiles are now finished so this weekend, I will be able to take more and better pictures of the ground floor.

To sum up what I wanted, I like bright spaces, contrasts and light colours. I like strong textures but I also like functionality. Ever since I worked for the former owners of the Villa Aujourd’hui as their stewardess, I fell in love with the house. Art Deco style, simple lines and big spaces, emphasised by huge mirrors. The white (with veins) marble floors with that black marble inlay at front hall is just divine. The tall black & silver vases looks small compared it the vastness of the space. I love that the sun can get in unhindered.

So, for our house in London, right next to the Epping forest (and not the Mediterranean), this villa or my favourite parts of it is my inspiration. Of course, I am in the UK and not in France and our house is small and I do not have the money for that sort of luxury. But there are things I really love that I can make, it may take a while to finish but it will be done.

By the way, the last time I saw the villa’s kitchen it’s got marble counter top in dark beige, beige tile floors (unglazed), white cabinetry  in country style. It’s got mirrors for backsplash in some areas and loads of cupboards. As you can see, my kitchen is totally different but, there are details there that I am definitely going to add. As for the living room, I have some ideas for the “look” and they are affordable too!

Thanks for looking!