Today on the way to pick up the children from school, the High Road in South Woodford was closed off. And from what I was told, there was a shooting incident today. I do not know the details.

But with one of the busy roads towards Loughton, Chingford  and Epping closed off, the traffic was horrible. All the traffic from the High Road were diverted to an already busy Epping New Road via Chelmsford Road. This is a small road and usually heaving with residents’ parked cars. I understand the frustration of the motorists. I would do the same (almost anyway) if I was behind the wheel. But with the school run in full swing and loads of children and parents crossing, some motorist really need to stop being careless (and selfish) and let us through instead of pushing forward for a meter. There was this lady in particular driving a silver Mercedes car with a dent on the left side and her visibility restricted by her headscarf partially over her eyes (okay if it is not partially covering her eyes). Well, the driver from the opposite direction stopped for us and she (I really hope she saw us already in the middle of the other lane), just started off to move for a meter or two. Dangerous!