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This is what I live by. An ingrained habit I suppose but it does work for me. I am not the most organise person in the world but I firmly believe that no matter where you are or what you are trained to do, if you try hard enough you’ll get there (eventually).

I grew up from a poor family in southern Philippines. Up to 12 years old I helped my parents by selling fish in the neighbouring village. I walk for miles with a fish basket on my head and shouting to get people out of their houses and buy some. Teenagers are acquisitive and I was one of them. My mother thought that it’d be easier (and cheaper) if I just make what I wanted so she sent me to these weekend courses, learning to make bags, sew clothes, cook and make toys. I was the only child amongst adult women, most of them parents of my classmates. I loved it and I have certificates for what I learnt.  Eventually, my classmates saw something good in it that they sent their children (my schoolmates) to learn as well.

What my mother did helped me specially when I moved to France then here in the UK. It is what I am trying to get my children to learn. That, no matter what resources & limitations you have, you can do something to support you and your passion.

I just read on the news about the increase of unemployement.  And it reminded me of something else that I learnt from someone, who despite these hard times managed to find a job he wanted. He said that you should keep your skills/ knowledge up to date. Even if you are looking for a job, create projects you can practice your skills on. If you are a programmer, learn the current and in demand programming languages and write little programs or something. If you are good at words, start writing – copywriting is good! Every little achievement you gained is a great help to your confidence in your skills. Do not stop, carry on!

Be resourceful, find out what you are good at and what you want to do. Love what you do!

Stop waiting for others. Do it and let everyone know. So, I mentioned to a shop manager that I take photos in a hundred of ways. So what? I know that if someone mentions photography to him, he’ll think of me first.

Take inspiration from other people who with their resourcefulness and drive managed to make a job of their passions. They may not make millions but they do what they love to do and get paid for it.

So, I say all these things what have I accomplished? I taught myself photography, it is a passion and my profession. I love the fact that I have time for my children, husband and my other pursuits (ie.. crafting, making things…)

If you can’t have it, make it! You’ve got nothing to lose.

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