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Christmas for us this year is very special. We will be celebrating it in our new home. One we can call ur very own. Hopefully during this festive season, I will be able to show it off with photos on this or the work blog 🙂

For our first, I’ve started by using a live tree. A 2.5 ft healthy Nordman Fir which was chosen because it is not prickly and it looks really nice. The only downside with this tree is the branches are too bendy… I can’t hang heavy Christmas decorations up! Fortunately, I bought three boxes of birds from the recent St Mary’s Charity Bazaar which were perfect! We only used a box for our small tree but we are hoping that next year our tree will be taller to accommodate all the other birds and sparkly decorations. I haven’t unboxed the special decorations I wanted for this year… Hopefully next week 🙂

My daughter calls our tree Norman 🙂

Thanks for your visit!