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Today, despite being ill, I managed to finish re-upholstering the sofa. I am sorely tempted to do the two chairs in the living room and the four chairs in the kitchen but I am afraid the neighbour will come knocking on the door. The staple gun is very loud (as well as the hammer).

This is our sofa. It is small and I think about 7 years old. The red cover was original. I like this because it is comfortable and small. And since brand new sofas are expensive these days, I decided that I might as well use my craft skills and brand new staple gun.

I bought the 10 metre corduroy fabric from e-bay for only £24.49 and the 3.5m zip for £5.00 also from e-bay.

I started by taking the top bits off and taking the measurements.  The staples are so difficult to take off. Next came the feet and more staples to pull out. The cover the body is easy to make as long as each piece is marked and exact pattern is copied. The foam and the front are a bit tricky but once I worked out the patterns, sewing the fabrics together is easy.

In all it took me a couple of days and a really messy craft room.

I am extremely satisfied with the result. It only cost me £30 plus two days of my time and use of tools I already have.  The cheapest sofa you can find these days will cost at least £150. So I’ve saved the house at least £120. And I managed to revitalise the foam inside by re-using the foams we get from packaging.