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On the way home my daughter was telling me her classmate put her shoe on her cheek ,I thought it was just silliness. Then, I saw the mark on her cheek after taking her hood down. I saw red. The interrogation started and guess what, M2  just looked at the other girl and she was kicked! She does not know why.  My daughter’s been taught to be careful around smaller children because she’s taller and heavier.

I am angry and now I want to teach her to defend herself and retaliate. I should have taught her how to sit on somebody, punch, elbow and kick.

It may not be a serious hurt but the fact that this could be a start of bullying and or the other girl might start thinking that it’s okay to hurt others because she can get away with it. I won’t wait for something worse to happen and I definitely won’t let this pass without talking to the girl who did this and her parents.