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Continuing with the DIY projects and making our house look nice for less, it is the turn of these nice looking chairs. I found a pair of them from the local charity shop and bought them for £25 including the dining table and a pair of Ercol chairs. These chairs are very sturdy and I just love how simple and nice they look.

So instead of splashing on a new armchair, I chose to keep these and use the same fabric I used for the sofa. Also, knowing that I will be re-upholstering them, I kept some foam from packaging to recycle.

So today, will be the second time I changed the cover of the chairs.

A project like this is very easy as long as you can work out how to take the furniture apart. The only thing I really hate doing is pulling each staple one by one and very carefully too! Without the proper tools, it could easily become a nightmare of a project rather than a fun one.

And to keep the wood looking pristine and scratch free, I will be sanding it with fine sandpaper and applying wood oil. Can’t wait to show you all the final look!

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