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I made this pouf for two reasons. One is for gaming and the other is to use for baby photography. I found that the ready-made one you can find in shops are not filled enough or not the right size for baby photography. So I made mine with the biggest and sturdiest fabric I can find which unfortunately is cream coloured.

All I did was create a big circle pattern, big enough for a baby to comfortably lie on. Then I cut two of them, one for the top and one for the bottom part. I think it is better to use a thicker and sturdier fabric for the bottom circle so it last longer.

Then I measured the circumference of the circle and used that as the length of my fabric. Also, find the right height for you to work on. It’s no use making a custom pouf when the height is the same as those in the shops. Tall people will just fall onto the pouf if you make it too short.

When you have all your pieces – at least 3 of them and your zipper, it is time to put it together. First sew the side end to end. Sew the zip at the bottom part face down. Next sew the top circle and the side together (good side facing each other). Then do the same  with the bottom circle making sure you sew the other part of the zip on it. Make it tight or make a fold so it is hidden when you turn it inside-out. To keep your pouf from bursting at the slightest pressure/impact when someone sits on it heavily, sew all the edges again with a double stitch or zigzag stitch. Turn it inside out and fill with bean bag filler. It is best to use a big funnel to lessen the mess. These little styrofoam ball loves to escape!

I hope I explained it clear enough. This was made 12months ago so I do not have pictures while I was making it. I might make another one and shoot the making of it since my M1 & M2 fights over this pouf.

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