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I just finished re-upholstering the dining chairs. These, I got these from IKEA 3 years ago. I wanted my kitchen to remind me a bit of the provence (Cote d’Azur), the part where lavenders and mimosas abound. So I am putting little hints of the place in our modern kitchen here in London without changing the furnitures. I still like their simple and clean lines.

The fabric I bought a long time ago from Fayence. It is lavender in colour and very simple.

 This is the chair, the upholstery is grubby and it is not surprising since I have two active children who sometimes stand on it.

To do this project, you need an electric (or not) staple gun, screw driver, brush, hammer and scissors.

I decided to just get rid of the outer cover and keep the one underneath intact. The foam is still firm and good. If your chair’s seat feels thin take this second fabric off and replace the foam.

I then cleaned the wood. There are hard to access dust that accumulated in a corner. I also made sure that the joins are still good and tightened those that are not.

Putting the fabric is straightforward. I overlapped it so it won’t give me grief when I decide to replace the covers. The corners are tricky so make sure you have enough fabric at first to pull, fold and staple.  Trim the rest before stapling the final fold.

Do the same to all the chairs and voila! But before I say it’s done, brush clean the feet and attach new felt pads. This way, your chair will not scratch your floor and make horrid dragging noises.

Done in two hours and it did not cost me a lot. The fabric was only €5 as it was the last two or three meter from the roll. The felt pads cost around £1.50


Thanks for looking!