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Before I get excited and post something with snow on it, let me tell you about our day out at Kew Gardens. Apart from the snowdrops and spots of crocus and other flowers, there wasn’t much to see between Victoria gate and the Princess of Wales Conservatory. The trees are still free of leaves and with grey skies, it is mostly dull and dreary. Typical British weather really.

Today’s the first day of the Tropical Extravaganza within the Princess of Wales Conservatory. I must say, that it was not as extravagant as the previous events I saw. But as plants are as flaky as the weather, I think it’s still great to see. My favourite part is this… an archway of vanda orchids of different colours.  There was also a little spot which reminded me of home in the Philippines with little houses on stilts, sand beach and lots of colours.

Bunching the orchids together and making several towers of it is also very impressive. What I didn’t like are the dyed flowers. And using an unflattering blue is not so nice when you look really closely.

Also, the large phallus indusiatus sculpture is weird. There are other extremely large mushrooms about but they are nice.

On the whole it’s just okay. There’s no wow factor.. no oomph. If only Kew added more orchids and explored the Alice and Wonderland feel (the one garden scene before she met the caterpillar), they’d make a spectacular show. Their theme this year is “Forces of nature” that is a great subject with a vast number of possibilities. It is just a pity there is nothing truly amazing to see.

Kew Garden Tropical Extravaganza, on from 04/02 to 04/02/2012