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I made this red/white/blue costume for my daughter for their jubilee street party at school. It is made up of an old white t-shirt and an (adult size 10 dress) in blue I bought from the charity shop.

The first thing I did was to measure where I am going to cut the t-shirt by taking the measurement from the top of her shoulder to my daughter’s abdomen.  I also cut the dress where I think it will make a clean connection. Since this is an empire style dress, I cut just above the band below the breast area.

The next bit is to sew them together.

Finally, I sew the red bottons on the pockets and the red/white/blue bottons under the neckline. The scrunched it up a bit to make it a v-neck.

For accessory, I have a hat to which I attached a piece of white broderie anglaise cloth and made a bow.


Finished it up with white socks and black shoes and she is ready to go.