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Photograph taken at Model Wings & Wheels 2012, North Weald 

These days choosing something to buy requires more thought than before. With all the choices available at various prices and quality and not to forget the shoppers are becoming savvy and very well informed.

Like many of us, I face the same dilemma when shopping. I recently did experiments with the grocery, life is hard and if one can save a little bit each day it means that we will have a little bit more to spend on holidays, toys or for emergencies. I found that some basic offerings of the supermarkets are not what I’d initially thought they’d be. They actually taste good. So instead of spending between £60-75 each week on groceries I now spend £35-40  a week three times a month. Only one week where it averages to around £60 when the cleaning stock needs replenishing. That laundry tabs prices keep on rising, it is extortion! It won’t surprise me to find myself washing the clothes by hand (like times before the washing machine) in order to save money.

For example, I cook casserole, risotto and spaghetti bolognese almost every week. So I stock up on canned basics chopped tomatoes and sliced mushrooms. These cost around 40p per can. A dish for the four of us on average cost £3.50! Does it taste good? Of course it does! My children’s plates are entirely empty after dinner, left overs only happen when they tell me they are super hungry and I cook for 6 instead of 4.

Give it a try!