This past week, I experimented a bit to see how often I can repeat cooking the same meals to my children. They were so used to different dishes on the table so I had to try repeating more often.

Our grocery this week is only £26. I bought basics sausages, mince, chopped pork & chicken thighs from Sainsburys and froze it. The only fresh vegetables I bought are the brocoli, carrots, potatoes & courgettes. These I used with the frozen peas, sweetcorn & cauliflower. I didn’t buy eggs this week because I still have some but I did buy porridge.

So this week, we ate casserole dishes, pasta & stir-fry.

We have eliminated butter in our breakfast. Reintroduced porridge & pancakes. By eating a healthy portion of breakfast, we also stopped eating snacks.

This week’s tip: Find ways to distract yourself from putting an item that’s not in your list  to your shopping trolley. I pick the impulse buy item and read the stuff on it then I put it back to the shelf and not in my basket. I find this distracting technique enough to give my brain time to process the action.