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Apple crumble

This is the apple crumble I cooked and it cost me less than £1. Serves 3 good portions and it also taste good.

We all know that apples alone are at least £1.50 plus budget flour  of 65p, sugar for 65p and butter for £1.20 It all adds up to at least £4 << this is at least what it’ll cost you to make it from scratch. My husband makes mean crumble and he tend to use a bit costly ingredients but at least it will be a really good size for 4 with 2nd helpings!

When you buy the ready made ones, Sainsburys sell them for £2 for 6 servings. Serving size is small and well, if we get this, it’ll be divided to good 3 servings.

Now my cheap solution will not be as great as the fresh ones that my husband make. But it is very quick to make, less mess and it taste the same (sometimes better) than the ready made ones. All you need to buy is a a can of peeled Granny Smith apples (Waitrose at 59p) and the Sainsburys Crumble Mix at  36p. Then just follow the instructions and smother with custard when cooked 😀 It is less hassle and it is only 95p !!!

BTW, my kids like to help me cook so before they can help, I already took the apples from the can and the mix from the packaging. I just let them sprinkle a bit of cinnamon and voila! They had a fun, quick & mess free cooking experience 😀