95p Apple Crumble


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Apple crumble

This is the apple crumble I cooked and it cost me less than £1. Serves 3 good portions and it also taste good.

We all know that apples alone are at least £1.50 plus budget flour  of 65p, sugar for 65p and butter for £1.20 It all adds up to at least £4 << this is at least what it’ll cost you to make it from scratch. My husband makes mean crumble and he tend to use a bit costly ingredients but at least it will be a really good size for 4 with 2nd helpings!

When you buy the ready made ones, Sainsburys sell them for £2 for 6 servings. Serving size is small and well, if we get this, it’ll be divided to good 3 servings.

Now my cheap solution will not be as great as the fresh ones that my husband make. But it is very quick to make, less mess and it taste the same (sometimes better) than the ready made ones. All you need to buy is a a can of peeled Granny Smith apples (Waitrose at 59p) and the Sainsburys Crumble Mix at  36p. Then just follow the instructions and smother with custard when cooked 😀 It is less hassle and it is only 95p !!!

BTW, my kids like to help me cook so before they can help, I already took the apples from the can and the mix from the packaging. I just let them sprinkle a bit of cinnamon and voila! They had a fun, quick & mess free cooking experience 😀


New old lampshade


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We inherited an old lampshade and it was a horrible shade of yellow. I took the fabric off it and it waited there for a couple of weeks for an idea. Then I saw an ikea lampshade that’s got net fabric so from that inspiration I worked on my version.

The only tools I used are a pair of scissors and a glue gun.And after about half an hour, it’s done! What do you think?

2013 Week 3 : Healthy, balanced & repeated dishes

This past week, I experimented a bit to see how often I can repeat cooking the same meals to my children. They were so used to different dishes on the table so I had to try repeating more often.

Our grocery this week is only £26. I bought basics sausages, mince, chopped pork & chicken thighs from Sainsburys and froze it. The only fresh vegetables I bought are the brocoli, carrots, potatoes & courgettes. These I used with the frozen peas, sweetcorn & cauliflower. I didn’t buy eggs this week because I still have some but I did buy porridge.

So this week, we ate casserole dishes, pasta & stir-fry.

We have eliminated butter in our breakfast. Reintroduced porridge & pancakes. By eating a healthy portion of breakfast, we also stopped eating snacks.

This week’s tip: Find ways to distract yourself from putting an item that’s not in your list  to your shopping trolley. I pick the impulse buy item and read the stuff on it then I put it back to the shelf and not in my basket. I find this distracting technique enough to give my brain time to process the action.

2013 Week 2 : What’s on the table



The first week of the new year is often a week of left overs. Our freezer was bursting with frozen food left from the holidays which at the time we did not manage to cook. So for this challenge I am starting with the second week of the month.

Previously, our weekly food budget range between £50 to £70 per week for two adults and two children. Once a month I buy cleaning products on top of the food.

This week, we spent £32.69 on food from Sainsburys. This is what we paid for somerset casserole with rice, sausage casserole with rice, spaghetti bolognaise, breaded fish with chips, salad with mozzarella & sundried tomatoes, bbq chicken wings with rice, breaded fish with peas & sweetcorn, sausage spaghetti with mushroom tomato sauce, victorian sponge cakes and homemade cookies, bananas & apples. Some of these dishes are repeated and are our favourites.

This week’s tip: The rice this month is good quality, and for only 40p it is worth stocking.