Here are a pile of fabrics I have in my stash. Obviously not all of them are here since I did not include those big pieces wrapped on cardboard. These are those I can fold nice and small. They come from variety of sources, some are ordered online (from the US), others sent from Asia, some from different fabric shops in France, some are trifted from the charity shop down the road, there are several cuts from the swaps I continually participate in and a couple from specialised shops in London.

I am not yet at the level of buying rolls of fabrics, I prefer loads of small cuts than one expensive roll. This allows me to have a wider choice for my creations. My main concern now is finding rolls of fusible interfacing which I used very often for my handmade accessories.

I think I will finish a several bits of fabric before buying because I’m having difficulty storing them. You can’t always roll them on cardboard because they grow small. I wish I have some shelves on my wall for my other crafty stuff so I can neatly pile these in small baskets and put it on the existing shelf beside my work table (which i currently very crowded).